newspaper published redacted information

….The Broward County school board is urging the judges to hold the paper and two of its reporters in contempt. The board’s filing says the newspaper “opted to report, publicly, information that this court had ordered to be redacted despite agreeing, on the record, that this information was protected by Florida and federal law. ….

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2 thoughts on “newspaper published redacted information

  1. It seems as if the use of censorship is on the rise in America. In this case the school board is clearly at fault and they are urging the courts to punish the free press.

    It should also be said that contempt of court charges are being misused. The Constitution outlines what due process is, but the way that contempt of court charges and penalties are applied is most often outside that. No arraignment, no opportunity for bond or bail, no opportunity for legal counsel, no chance to have a trial by a jury of your peers.

    Instead the judge that’s either filed the charges or one that works in the same body is also the one that passes judgement on the accused and in some cases locks them up indefinitely. Contempt of court charges may have originally been intended as a way to maintain order in the courtroom and to otherwise prohibit entry of citizens to view a trail if they were going to be disruptive, the scope of it’s use has grown to be abusive to civil rights today.

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