Portorangebolo and facebook port orange news

ok – for the people who cannot stand anymore national political news, here is what I am going to do. Starting now at 455pm , 8 11 18 I will post references to national political news on my web site http://www.portorangebolo,com — On my facebook page, Port Orange Area News I will only post my police radio log entries and references to Port Orange News.
— On my web site www.portorangebolo.com , where references to national political news will be, readers can comment at the bottom of a post. (you have to scroll down a little distance on a posting to find the comment dialogue section)
—- On my web site wwwportorangebolo.com you will first see on top of the home page a twitter section which will contain radio log entries as well as viable links to political news and comments which are published as posts, down below the twitter feed section.
— It may sound confusing, but once you try it out you will be use to where everything is.
—– I welcome suggestions — hank springer 509pm 8 11 18
— let me entertain you —-


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