Testing new format 1104pm

Testing new format for my blog/web site — my head is spinning.- what in the world am I doing.

to make a comment scroll down below this post and find the reply dialogue box.  If you have a problem tell me on my face book page port orange area news.

— I hope this works so I can go to bed — hank

3 thoughts on “Testing new format 1104pm

  1. 1146pm – maybe this is working. I did not check my e mail and see if I was notified to approve a comment. so hopefully those who want to can start a political discussion on this web site and leave my facebook page port orange area news, just for radio log and other issues. 8 11 18 – If you do not know how you got here, I can’t help you. This web site/blog is http://www.portorangebolo.com


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