City of Port Orange – e mail me link when council meetings r posted

“…. They agree that impact fees for developers should increase,….”

— but hank wonders how much of the cost of an impact fee is passed on to the buyers? It is kind of like the hidden costs in tariffs which are actually hidden taxes on consumers —

“…. What they’re most divided on: how much trust the public has in county government…… ”

“…. I don’t think it’s as bad as some people portray it on social media….,” 

“…. I  think there’s a responsibility on the part of citizens to listen to the meetings and be aware of what’s being discussed.”…

Hank would like that both volusia county and the city of Port Orange would have a procedure instituted whereby people who are interested in county and city meetings would be advised by e mail, including a link, of when text summary of meetings, and audio and video of such meetings are ready to be reviewed on the county’s or city’s web site.  

the before mentioned text was posted by hank springer at 1151am 8 18 18


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