Has the Catholic Church remedied her sex abuse scandals? comments are invited

Below are excerpts from a New York Times Article about sex abuse scandal and cover up of allegations pertaining to a priest and a Catholic diocese in PA.

Hank asks for comments about these issues which have plagued the Catholic Church in recent years.

Are most of these allegations dues to an anti-Catholic agenda?

Has the Vatican done enough to remedy what some consider to be a grievous fault of the Catholic Church?

Do you believe child predators can ever be cured?

Do you think allowing priests to marry would help the situation?

What can  and should the faithful do about this alleged problem?

Can a Catholic get to know and love God without the Catholic Church?

Are you offended by the entire issue and resent these questions being asked.

You can comment on my web site www.portoragebolocom

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…..were kept in the dark. They even protested his departure on his way out…..

… After long silences, many insisted the allegations just had to be false….

…. It wasn’t until the next year, amid the outcry over the Boston Catholic sex abuse scandal and cover-up, that the diocese referred the allegation to the Allegheny County district attorney, and to the church’s review board. By then, the statute of limitations had long expired….

…  The people of Holy Angels were so outraged to hear their pastor was leaving, and for no apparent reason, that they staged protests outside the church for weeks. They gathered 2,000 signatures supporting his reinstatement. Local papers covered shouting matches when Bishop Wuerl came to meet angry parishioners…..

… In his final sermon on Jan. 12, 2003, Father Crowley offered words that now carry new meaning. “Thank you for entrusting your children to me,” he said. …

—- Read the complete New York Times article at https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/18/us/pennsylvania-church-abuse-report.html?nl=top-stories&nlid=31482837ries&ref=cta


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