Please comment about the homeless in Daytona Beach area

Please comment about the homeless in our area

Do you think the homeless are a danger to homeowners, businesses and tourists?

What do you think we should do about the homeless?

Are the Homeless mostly mentally ill?

Where do the homeless sleep at night?

Should we just leave the homeless alone, and accept that it is a lifestyle that they prefer?

Would you invite the homeless into your home for a night to shower , have a meal, and ask them to leave the following morning?

In return for governmental social help for the homeless do you think the homeless should repay the help, perhaps like working for 4 hours, without pay, at a church, school, or city project?

If you were homeless , what would you want the government to do for you?

Are there families and/or children that are homeless.?

There is a link to the Daytona Beach News-Journal below which has a recent article about the homeless hanging out under the daytona beach pier.

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thanks – hank springer, posted 628pm 8 18 18

click on the following link to see the video and article about the homeless

2 thoughts on “Please comment about the homeless in Daytona Beach area

  1. Homelessness is a sad issue that requires attention. I think if there are children involved help should be provided to the parent after they are evaluated for mental status and possible drug addiction. If either of these issues are present the child should be placed with a relative, or if not available…in some sort of foster care while the parent receives treatment. If treatment is ineffective, permanent placement of the child may be required. Many cases of the adult homelessness is a preferred lifestyle where they beg for money to buy drugs etc. and it can be lucrative for them. No government help should be provided if a child is not in the picture. Charity organizations can get involved. Let’s not turn this into a San Francisco situation where these people are allowed to leave syringes filled with life threatening drugs on the street. They are allowed to leave fecal material on the streets where others are provided job opportunities paying $15.00 per hour to clean up the feces and syringes. A third world country this is not! Personal responsibility is a large factor and fathers being out of the picture in a child’s life is prevalent in these situations, and became acceptable when mothers having children out of wedlock received welfare payments under the Johnson administration. It gave the fathers a free ticket to ride, and continues to this day. Instead of teaching socialism and downgrading this country in high school, and college, they should be teaching how to use the system to get ahead and taking responsibility for oneself , and seeing the opportunities for an education for a profession in life. If the child is not interested in college, taking the opportunity for other “blue collar” professions. There are more fobs for welders, plumbers, electricians than applicants for these great paying professions. The millennials don’t want to get there hands dirty. It’s easier to live off the government, and have tax payers foot the bill. Pretty much sick of what is taking place in our great United States.


  2. Greetings.
    Homeless has forever been an issue when a home no longer is a right. God equipped us with everything we need to live comfortably without this system of costs to live.but man creates a system stripping everyone of their God rights. And instead of a man having a clear opportunity to make his own shelter where ever he so fits….he instead is left to wander spot to spot just contemplating the whole meaning of life. I’m 36. I have worked hard all my life. Stepped on,taking advantage of. Giving blood sweat and tears for people’s dreams. Made huge profits for people while getting scraps all in the sake of the idea of reaping what I sow . Unfortunately the system I exalted so much energy for wasn’t showing me the results of all my lost energy. My peers always seem to make more then me no matter how much better my results were. I’ve been trying honest hustling since 17 I’m almost forty and embrace the idea of letting it all go and get my freedom back. I love homeless people .they put everything out there and hold nothing back. Id love to post me up a teepee by the river and buy buy paper. It’s not for everybody but neither is running a treadmill trying to get somewhere.


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