Political Nerds – Let’s get started 8 18 18

The way to navigate in this web site is to click on the blue subject title text to go directly to the post.

I think I am ready to start seriously entertaining political new and comments. Let’s get going. You can find the reply or comment section below each post. You do  have to scroll down a ways to get to it, but it is there. If you want to start a new thread on almost anything at all, make a suggestion in any reply section and I will  consider starting comments on the issue you are interested in.  I see no reason why we could not start opinion  threads on almost all  issues which might include international, national, Florida, any city in the U.S.A, including Port Orange, beach news, consumer news, the new media, entertainment. The world is ours to love, disagree, interact, discuss, explore, learn about, and here on this web/blog site we can do it.

New issues and or comments will be referenced on my facebook page Port Orange Area News, as well as in twitter account Port Orange News @poimages  .

So, here again is a summary of Hank Springer’s growing news media:

  1. Face Book  at Port Orange Area News ——- police scanner radio log entries, Port Orange , South Daytona, Daytona Beach Shores, Beach Patrol , Air One, Ponce Inlet.
  2. Twitter account at Port Orange News @poimages —– police scanner radio log entries and links to new posts and comments on http://www.portorangebolo.com
  3. Web/blog site ——- http://www.portorangebolo.com — almost any issue in this world, the cosmos and beyond with comments.

I hope I can handle all this. If any of this irritates,  annoys, frustrates, makes you unduly angry, anxious or depresses you, just skip over those entries.

Let’s try to make  love, not war. If it doesn’t work out I can always destroy the web site and send it into oblivion where it would only be recognized as ever having existed by Google.

Good luck to all of us.  Dominus Vobiscum and Pax

—- sincerely, honestly and hopefully, Hank Springer 1005am 8 18 18


One thought on “Political Nerds – Let’s get started 8 18 18

  1. Left bar widget bar no longer applicable. I will delete later today — so much to do, so little time to do it in. — hank – 1045am 8 18 18


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