August 21, 2018 – A Day that has made history

I think Trump gave a very good speech in W. Va. 8 21 18 at a political rally. He listed all the things he has  accomplished in his presidency, and they are impressive, if they stand the test of time.

I had hoped and expected a lot from Trump when he was elected President, and was especially keen on his pledge to clean out unethical and perhaps corrupt politicians in the swamp of Washington D.C.

This is the fifth national scandal  that I have been privileged to watch on TV in my lifetime. If you want to know about the previous four just ask me.,

In Trump’s speech tonight he made a 180 degree turn about and admitted that fake news was here to stay.  I guess someone with sanity got him to change his position on free speech, but I wonder how long his position will stay this way.

Trump cannot stand criticism and that is a flaw of his, especially when he carries the position of the presidency and should be able to accept in put from his citizens and advisers.

The revoking of security clearances on those former intelligence directors showed Trump to be a bully, fascist, dictator and exposed the mean streak in a leader who should cherish our democratic process and free speech. I am reminded of Hitler who brought economical betterment to the German people during the rise to power and atrocities the world thought were buried in the dark ages.  I fear the people’s adoration of a man who call people dogs and can’t bear to hear criticism or a thought and opinion different from his.

I too have been disgusted with the swamp that has existed in Washington D.C., but I am also aware of how shrewd some people can be in conning us to accept actions which is outside the norm of decency and democratic principles

We can watch the political rallies and see the men and women practically swooning over the speeches of Trump. I too was impressed with how Trump handled the other dozen or so republican candidates for nomination to run as presidential candidates. Trump seemed like the man we needed to change things for America.

If only Trump could do his job without lies and turning on any one who disagrees with him.

If only Trump could stop lying to the American people, just like Bill Clinton lied  to the American people. Bill too had a fanatical following who could not see the truth until the dress with the semen stains was produced. What we have now is worse than George chopping down the cherry tree, tricky Dick and Bill it depends on what the definition of “is” is. Haven’t  we had enough of deceitful lying politicians?

I understand that there is some legal questions about accountability for crimes committed by a political candidate before he becomes president. Screw the legality of it all, how much can the America public tolerate from an untruthful and deceitful president? Apparently a lot, before it dawns on them that maybe they were wrong about a guy. For some it is hard to admit, that they voted for a guy about whom they did not know all his faults.

I applaud Trump for tying to get along with Putin and that N. Korean kid. There have been a whole host of people making money off of the game of “its us against them”.

I do not applaud Trump for inciting his followers to punch the hell out of someone in the audience, or to only watch Fox News and no other TV channel. How stupid can we be?

Collusion with Russia? That investigation is not yet finished, but should we ignore that the investigation stumbled on or even intentionally looked for crime committed by Trump’s lawyers and found it?  I think we do so at our own peril.

I hope Trump pardons those two guys who were charged today. I just hope he does it, so Trump can hasten the congress and senate investigation that are sure to follow.  We are not through with this mess.

Build the damn wall and get it over with.  Lock up MS13 but don’t separate desperate mothers with their kids, a distance of thousands of miles. Damn,  even I could handle that in a better way as long as I wasn’t counting on the glory of feeding into prejudice and bias.

What is this anger for blaming ice for carrying out the laws of our nation and the policy of the administration?

Sanctuary cities have to be eliminated. It is crazy.

If all of my foregoing opinions confuse you , I would say it is so because you are deficient in considering issues without being sure of what kind of label to put on the author.  That is one of the major problems we have in this nation,  and a guy like Trump knows how to use it to his own advantage, and not necessarily for the betterment of the nation.

I could be wrong, correct me where I am wrong, but do not try to silence me. Why ?  — Because it is un American to thread on first amendment rights.

— honestly, hank springer 1128pm 8 21 18


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