Bearcat 101 public safety radio scanner

  I got this radio I think in 1975. This radio was great. No crystals needed to buy. Using the 16 channels, and the code book which came with the radio, you could program different frequencies and then activate the reception audio by flipping the 16 programs entered, by an on an off switch.  Also, […]

Regency Police Radio Monitor Scanner: 1978

Featured image 1 14 17 is that of a regency police radio scanner which I had in 1978.  It was crystal controlled. You cold buy the crystals at $5.00 each in a radio store on Parsons Blvd., Jamaica Queens NYC. You had to open up the radio consul and insert the crystals, and you could […]

The police channels I monitor for you and me

LE 5 and Tact 5 Port Orange Police and talkaround’ Daytona Beach Shores Police and talkaround South Daytona Police and  talkaround Ponce inlet Police and talkaround Air One Fire Dispatche East Side of Volusia County When something significant is happening I tune in the appropriate other radio channels. If I hear something significant I  also […]