My face book page – port orange area news – is turning out to be more efficient and effective than posting on this web site On facebook port orange area news you will find the police radio log. On all postings on face book , it is easier for my readers to post comments. My […]

nobody is willing to approach the mad king 8 23 18

…. It’s easy to understand why nobody is willing to approach the mad king and describe honestly the situation he faces—indeed, why Fox News can’t even deal candidly with its viewership on the subject: The situation is dire and it is worsening, and saying so would require very tough choices…. more at

August 21, 2018 – A Day that has made history

I think Trump gave a very good speech in W. Va. 8 21 18 at a political rally. He listed all the things he has  accomplished in his presidency, and they are impressive, if they stand the test of time. I had hoped and expected a lot from Trump when he was elected President, and […]