Did he lose the money or was it stolen? It’s complicated.

Date: 8/21/2017 Time: 1321   Invest Asgn:   
Header: MISCELLANEOUS REPORT   Location:1371 Tivoli Drive, Deltona

V-1 advised three weeks ago, he withdrew cash from Wells Fargo Bank on 08/04/2017. V-1 stated S-1 was traveling with him in his vehicle. V-1 placed the cash in a fanny pack and put it under the driver’s seat and exited the vehicle at the Post Office. V-1 advised when he got home with S-1 and retrieved the fanny pack the cash in white envelope was missing. V-1 asked S-1 if he took the cash with S-1 replied no. V-1 searched S-1 and was unable to locate the cash. V-1 is uncertain if he lost the cash or if it was stolen. V-1 was unable to provide any further information on S-1, which was related to his wife who would not provide any information on S-1. Case Status: Active


Met her on face book – stayed 4 days with him- stole his Sony

Date: 8/21/2017 Time: 1107   Invest Asgn:   
Header: LARCENY   Location:868 Saxon Boulevard, Deltona

V-1 advised S-1 was met on Facebook in June. V-1 stated S-1 was kicked out of her residence and he offered for S-1 to stay with him until she found a place to live. V-1 advised S-1 stayed with him from 08/10/2017 to 08/14/2017, at which time she was picked up by an unknown white male. V-1 noticed after S-1 left the residence multiple Sony Play Station units were removed from his bedroom where S-1 was staying, without his permission. V-1 and Deputies attempted to contact S-1 via telephone which yielded negative results. An attempt to contact was made at the last known address for S-1. The 707 affidavit was left for following shifts to attempt to locate S-1. V-1 was able to provide a serial number for one of the Play Stations, which was entered into FCIC/NCIC as stolen. Pawn Data search yielded negative results. Case Status: Active


missing daughter: 2004 White Ford Taurus bearing Florida tag Y46LVD

Date: 8/21/2017 Time: 1831   Invest Asgn:
Header: MISSING PERSON   Location:1361 Polk Ave, Deltona

(R1) Dobrzykowski, Linda W/F …., 1361 Polk Ave, Deltona
(V1) Hoffman, Ashley W/F 07/25/90, 1361 Polk Ave, Deltona

(V1)  (R1?) stated she last saw her daughter on 08/20 at approximately 1800 hours after she left their residence, stating she’d be back in a couple hours. (V1) is a diabetic and is insulin dependent and has not been home to take her meds. She was last seen wearing black shorts, flip flops, a black tank top with a white floral pattern, driving her 2004 White Ford Taurus bearing Florida tag Y46LVD. A bolo for (V1) and her vehicle was given out and she was entered as missing in FCIC/NCIC.


LARCENY   Location:912 S. Florida Ave., DeLand VCSO 8/22/18

Date: 8/22/2017 Time: 0226   Invest Asgn:   
Header: LARCENY   Location:912 S. Florida Ave., DeLand

V1 advised he met a female through a friend of his and went to visit her on 08/20/2017 to “help her out”. V1 stated he placed his wallet containing cash on the night stand in the female’s bedroom. He and the female then began doing things on the computer. He temporarily left the the female alone in the bedroom with his wallet. When he and the female went outside together she reportedly looked down and found his wallet on the ground. V1 recovered his wallet but observed his cash was missing. When questioned, the female denied taking the money. There were no witnesses and no other information is available at this time. Case continued active by Patrol.


Troll – definition- 8 22 17

Internet troll – Wikipedia

In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting quarrels or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the intent of provoking readers into an emotional …

no name saloon – edgewater – person shot – 8 18 17vcso

Date: 8/18/2017 Time:   Invest Asgn:   
Header: EVENTS OF NOTE   Location:2001 S. Ridgewood Av. Edgewate  Business Name: No Name Saloon

Person shot at business and pronounced dead at 705 ED. Suspect apprehended at his residence by EPD & VCSO. EW170800257.


suspicious incident – chevron gas station – rt 44 NSB – vcso

Date: 8/19/2017 Time: 0243   Invest Asgn:
Header: SUSPICIOUS INCIDENT   Location:2995 S.R. 44, NSB   Business Name: Chevron Gas Station

Deputy Wooleyhan observed a gray in color, 2017 Chrysler mini-van bearing FL tag DFXU91, later identified as a rental van at the closed gas station’s fuel pumps. He further observed a male using a flashlight around the pumps. The vehicle drove away as Deputy Wooleyhan entered the parking lot. Deputy Wooleyhan drove past the pumps the vehicle was parked at and noticed the anti-tampering labels did not match the others. Based on recent skimming devices being installed at such businesses, Deputy Wooleyhan initiated an investigative stop.

The vehicle was occupied by three subjects, identified as Victor Cervantes (Driver), Jesus Ponce (Front passenger, and Imer Sanchez-Mejia (Rear passenger). The subjects advised Cervantes and Ponce flew into Miami on 08-19-2017 (Flight tickets were accounted for), rented a van (Rental agreement accounted for), picked-up Sanchez-Mejia, and were on their way to New York. Cervantes needed to use a restroom and they wanted to take the opportunity to fill-up (Vehicle’s fuel was ¼ full). They found themselves pulling into the only gas station around, which was closed, but attempted to use the fuel pumps anyways. Ponce advised he used the credit card provided by his boss to attempt to fuel up, but after several attempts he could not get it to work.

When questioned about the strange travel arrangements, they explained they lived at and worked for Hudson Valley Duck Products in New York and were bringing Sanchez-Mejia to live/ work with them. The subjects explained that Sanchez-Mejia was an illegal immigrant and was unable to fly without proper identification.

The subjects provided verbal consent to search their vehicle, which revealed several bags of used clothing and personal items consistent with their story. The search revealed no signs associated with the installation of skimmer devices or anything illegal.

FI cards were completed on all. Deputy Wooleyhan will have day shift follow-up with the business during working hours to identify if the different anti-tampering labels are legitimate.

O1- Victor Cervantes, H/M,….. , 49 Schoolhouse Rd. Swan Lake, NY
O2- Jesus Ponce, H/M, …., 49 Schoolhouse Rd. Swan Lake, NY
O3- Imer Sanchez-Mejia, ….., 49 Schoolhouse Rd. Swan Lake, NY