3600 Block of S. Peninsula Dr. Port Orange, fatal crash

from Port Orange Police Department


On March 15, 2018 at approximately 1:06 AM the Port Orange Police Department responded to the 3600 Block of S. Peninsula Dr. Port Orange, reference to single motorcycle crash.  It appears the driver was traveling southbound on S. Peninsula Dr. lost control and struck a tree.  The driver of the motorcycle was transported to Halifax Hospital as a trauma alert.


The name of the driver is not being released at this time.


This incident remains under investigation.  The Port Orange Police Department request that anyone with information concerning this incident to contact the Police Department at 386-506-5801 or the Traffic Homicide Team at 386-506-5840.


spruce creek fly-in -; boil water notice – 3 13 18 tuesday

Claire Metz
March 13 at 4:12pm
fyi: Spruce Creek Fly-in under precautionary boil water notice

A precautionary water boil notice is in effect for 1,475 homes in the Spruce Creek Fly-in subdivision.

At approximately 8:25 a.m., the county’s water treatment plant in Spruce Creek experienced a temporary loss in pressure due to a mechanical failure. Pressure was fully restored at the facility at approximately 8:29 a.m.

Residents were notified through an internal notification system and signage throughout the subdivision.

A boil-water notice advises residents to bring tap water to a rolling boil for one minute before using it for drinking, cooking or ice-making. It is not necessary to boil water for showering or other external uses.

Volusia County Utilities is currently conducting bacteriological sampling of the water system. When satisfactory testing has been completed, this advisory will be rescinded, and residents can resume normal usage.

For more information, call Volusia County Water Resources and Utilities 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 386-736-5971. During evenings and on weekends, cal

4 port orange residents on court docket 3 12 18 Mon.

Anthony R. Clarke, 20, Port Orange, tampering with physical evidence

stephen A. Dulude, 53, Port Orange, habitual driving while license revoked

Rochelle A. Edick, 39, Port Orange, habitual driving while license revoked, possession of methamphetamine, possession of a controlled substance;

Mark T. Sellas, 54, Port Orange, battery on person 65 years of age or older, tampering with a witness;

Carlin K. Chrisley, 24, Port Orange, failure to appear, court violation;

more at http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20180312/news-of-record-for-monday-march-12-2018

HOA: consent of all homeowners required – 3 12 18

Should neighborhood covenants and HOAs last forever?

Across the U.S., a disturbing trend is taking place. The HOA industry is quietly making it possible to preserve CC&Rs — or revive them after expiration — without consent of all homeowners.


Correction (March 12, 2018): a previous version of this post noted that a majority of affected parcel owners attending a meeting could vote to revitalize CC&Rs. A closer reading of the amendment and Florida Statue 720.306 indicates that a majority of total voting interests — or all affected parcel owners — would still be necessary to revitalize expired covenants. 

A small number of well-funded real estate developers and attorneys are amending state laws, all in an effort to ensure that association-governed communities can never be eliminated….

read more at https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/03/08/should-neighborhood-covenants-and-hoas-last-forever

sick raccoons in Volusia County 3 8 18 thursday

Sick Raccoons

***Attention Port Orange residents*** There has been a noticeable increase in the reports of sick raccoons in Volusia and surrounding counties over the past few months, including in the City of Port Orange. These sick raccoons have shown signs and symptoms of Distemper. Raccoons are susceptible to both canine and feline distemper, both of which can be deadly to your pets. Please do not leave pet food outside that can attract wildlife and consider contacting your vet to discuss vaccination options for your pets. Raccoons that are infected with Distemper often move slowly, stumble, appear confused and can lose their fear of humans. Some sick raccoons can become aggressive. If you notice a raccoon behaving abnormally or showing signs of being sick, do not approach and avoid contact with the raccoon. Report the animal to Volusia County Dispatch at (386) 248-1777 to have an Animal Control Officer dispatched.

Haley L. Springer – not related to Hank Springer 3 5 18

Brent J. Horvath, 36, Port Orange, tampering with physical evidence, possession of paraphernalia;

Mark V. Durkin, 59, Port Orange, Driving while license revoked (habitual)

Haley L. Springer, 24, Port Orange, violation of probation, possession of paraphernalia;

Brandon F. Craft, 27, Port Orange, possession of marijuana in excess of 20 grams


HOAs – will they b subject to the constraints of Constiutional protections?


…..Will they push for legislative reform that would permit property owners to withhold assessments if or when the association fails to fulfill their duties under the contract? Would there be a return to regulation under the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC)?

Would residential association-governed communities re-enter the “American Zone” described by Shu Bartholomew (On the Commons)? Could U.S. residents experience the return of individual property rights?

Would all residential communities — no longer heavily influenced by the special interests of commercial enterprise — be subject to the full constraints of U.S. and state Constitutional protections? How many restrictive covenants (deed restrictions) and association bylaws would survive Constitutional challenge?

What happens in Bear Lake Shores Association is certain to have ripple effects that could seriously disrupt the HOA industry….

READ MORE AT https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/03/04/wisconsin-lawsuit-involving-for-profit-rental-of-property-could-disrupt-hoa-market/