the dark side of the internet – 7 19 18

Dan Coates, Director of Intelligence was interviewed on CNN 4 pm, 7 19 18

Mr. Coates referred to the dark side of the internet, which might mean hacking to shut down wall street , having a large financial impact on America.

The possibility of the Russians having a wire tap in the one on one discussion between Trump and Putin was mentioned, but I wonder if our American intelligence service could not have a wire in the room.

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Yes, evil can flourish on social media – 7 19 18

An attempt at education by Hank springer:  I have no idea who this alleged guy “Bill” is but let me point out that a possibility is that the writer is Hank Springer himself who is maliciously trying to get attention for his social media outlets. But it is not l , Hank – sincerely and honestly – 234pm 7 19 18

Replying to 

Just a vet no my rights and already reported u to Twitter for harassment I will call cops next so stop

Volusia court docket 7 19 18 Port Orange residentss

Patrick R. Genest, 27, Port Orange, possession of methamphetamine, court violation (2);

Roxanne K. Tomei, 27, Port Orange, possession of heroin, possession of a controlled substance, unlawful possession of morphine, possession new legend drug without prescription, possession of paraphernalia;

Christopher L. Cordova, 25, Port Orange, possession of firearm by convicted in state felon or delinquent, possession of ammunition by convicted in state felon, carrying a concealed firearm;

complete list at

CNN and FOX News TV – 7 19 18 – and Hank

It’s the sign of the times, when I  make reference to either TV news station, I am often told that I should be watching the other channel. I recognize that it is useless to try and convince detractors but for the record, here is how I watch both CNN and FOX news tv;

On my cable TV CNN is channel 24 and FOX news is channel 28.  I multi task 3 chores at one time. I have the police radio scanner on, while working on my computer, the tv is in the mute mode and my third eye is glancing at the text scrolling read out on the TV screen which has a description of the topic presently being discussed on the tv show and the current news briefs. While jugging those three chores, when I see an advertisement being displayed on TV I switch to the other channel , alternating between 24 and 28. Right now on channel 24 at 539am 7 19 18 discussion  is on Papa John, and the news brief I missed because an advertisement went on. Now  I switch to 28 and it too has an advertisement, so I leave it on and I will intermittently follow its scrolling text. When I read that a new issue is being discussed, I unmute the tv audio and listen  in while turning the police radio volume down if necessary.,  543am on 28, discussing veteran raises money for bbq trailer and  news brief is california coast opens after fire, and big sur is opening two days before schedule.

I do not vcr tape the two news channels because I find that once I am up on what the current news of the hour is, I can pretty well keep up with any real new breaking news, between advertisements.

Such a procedure hoping between CNN and FOX news is not as spotty as one might think.

On my social media outlets, I invite my readers to post summaries of news and opinions from either tv station.  Let’s  share information and opinions.

It is true that my readers might see more references to opinions,  news or information which I am interested in. If a reader feels that it is important to balance my preferences with other news, he/she should feel free  to post his/her preference of news and opinions.  I do not go out of my way to present both sides of issues at a perfect 100 percent balance.

At this time during our national debate between Republicans and Democrats, I do  find more news worthy interesting, new angles being brought up by cnn as opposed to fox news.,  Tucker had a congressman  from California on last night,  and he held such a weak position on what to do about Trump,  that I decided it was not worth reporting the interview.  Even Carlson asked the congressman if he was “kidding” Tucker, by coming onto the show and proposing such a ridiculous idea about how to handle Trump, that perhaps the interviewee was there to waste everyone’s time. I had consider summarizing the interview injecting my opinion that perhaps Tucker invited this leftist knuckle head because Tucker knew he would present a poor anti Trump strategy.  But, if any reader wanted to post a summary of that interview, even with the reader’s opinion , I would be happy to publish such a contribution.

I do find it hard, to not insert my own opinion about issues, and I am working on such an impulse so as to better reflect my reader’s thought process and not interfere with my readers’  thought processes.  When I butt in on discussions I run the risk of sending the dialogue off in another direction which might impede the direction of an issue. I will try to do better at staying out of reply comments to readers’ opinions.

I hope this all helps us understand what I would really like to see represented on my social media outlets. Having this opportunity to explain my preferences at least helps me reorganize my thoughts on how I would like to interact with my readers.

I admit: I am opinionated  and judgmental. I am not so sure that I can  provide any relief from such a personality disorder. I may be fooling  myself in thinking that I really would like to disengage and read others going back and forth on issues.  I will try.

Thanks for listening. — sincerely and honestly –  hank 611am 7 19 18 thursday.

Court Docket – 7 16 18 – Volusia County

excerpts follow:

Arif M. Khybery, 37, Daytona Beach Shores, possession of marijuana wax or hashish, possession of paraphernalia;

Joseph Brashear, 45, Port Orange, possession of cocaine, other crimes, possession of paraphernalia, entering or refusing to leave public property;

Gregory Bender, 51, Windermere, first degree murder with a firearm;

Allison Arlow, 22, Port Orange, battery on person 65 years of age or older, criminal mischief above $200 but below $1,000;

Fernando P. Corona, 20, Port Orange, smuggling contraband into prison, battery on a law enforcement officer

Sandra D. West, 47, South Daytona, retail theft, possession of methamphetamine;

Anthony D. Hammer, 47, Port Orange, possession of cocaine, possession of paraphernalia, driving under the influence;

Scott R. Sykora, 38, Port Orange, possession of cocaine, driving under the influence, possession of paraphernalia, prior refusal to submit to testing;

Brianna C. Breslin, 22, Port Orange, driving under the influence causing serious bodily injury to another, driving under the influence with damage to a person or property, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs;

Anthony W. Heard, 44, Ormond Beach, battery second offense, harassing a witness, victim or informant, contempt of court violating a no contact order;

Jackie D. Price, 47, Port Orange, petty theft, trespass after warning;

complete list of court docket for 7 16 18 at

Florida Man Jailed for Failing to Unlock His Phone

…. “If they arrest you for anything — whether it’s drugs, guns, you name it — and an electronic device is nearby, they can get a search warrant and search it. And if you don’t provide that information to search it, to unlock, because you want to keep the information private, we’ll put you in jail,” said Leduc….


fled from several law enforcement agencies 7/12/18

Date: 7/12/2018 Time: 2046   Invest Asgn:
Header: AUTO THEFT REC   Location: I-95 / S.R. 40, OB

District 3 Crime Suppression Team spotted a gray Kia Sportage bearing stolen FL tag EZL-V93, traveling northbound on I-95 near S.R. 40, in Ormond Beach. In addition to the stolen license plate, CST had knowledge the vehicle was also stolen out of Daytona Beach. CST also had knowledge of the vehicle being occupied by D1 and D2, who had numerous felony warrants and had fled from several law enforcement agencies over the past 7 months. CST followed the vehicle undetected until Air One was overhead. The vehicle exited the interstate and proceeded eastbound on W. Granada Boulevard. CST deployed stop sticks and successfully deflated one of the vehicle’s tires. The vehicle attempted to elude law enforcement and was followed by Air One. The vehicle eventually came to rest in the 400 block of Colt Place, in Daytona Beach. D1 and D2 fled from the vehicle and were both apprehended by CST a short time later. In addition to the warrants, D1 was charged with grand theft motor vehicle, tampering with physical evidence, possession of cocaine, possession of cannabis >20 grams, felony driving while license suspended/3rd or subsequent offense, felony petit theft/3rd or subsequent offense, and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. In addition to the warrants, D2 was charged with possession of heroin and possession of narcotic paraphernalia. CID was notified of the arrest.

D1- Matthew White, W/M, 08/24/1985, Transient, Daytona Beach.
D2- Amber Taynor, W/F, 05/07/1994, Transient, Daytona Beach.