if a service line broke on private property – Insurance?

….Mount Dora struck the deal in May, citing an endorsement of the program by the National League of Cities and a belief that some residents might want to buy into a program that provided insurance against the high cost of repairs if a service line broke on private property. Mailings to utility customers — which were not previewed or approved by city officials as spelled out in the contract — went out in November advertising warranty plans that provided insurance protection for repair costs in water and sewer lines on private property….

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VC New Year’s night 2018 – Only 1 DUI arrest

NYE: Encouraging. Only 1 DUI arrest. Deputies say many on the road used DDs, taxis, ride-sharing services. Well done & THANK YOU! 102 stops 1 DUI arrest 1 .02 violation 10 criminal traffic citations 42 moving violations (37 for speed) 21 non-moving violations 15 written warnings

Henry aka Hank

Why is Hank from Henry?

The name Henry dates back to medieval England. (Curiously, at that time, Hank was a diminutive for John.) So how do we get Hank from Henry? Well, one theory says that Hendrick is the Dutch form of the English name Henry. Henk is the diminutive form of Hendrick, ergo, Hank from Henk. Hanks were hugely popular here in the States for many decades, though by the early 90s it no longer appeared in the top 1,000 names for baby boys. But Hank is making a comeback! In 2010, it cracked the top 1,000, settling at 806. By 2013 it was up to 626.


fatal motorcycle crash 12 19 17 Daytona Beach

Claire Metz
December 20 at 9:25am
from db pd: about fatal motorcycle crash yesterday:
aytona Beach Police motors officers responded to the above intersection
on Tuesday afternoon after reports of a fatal crash involving a motorcycle.
Upon arrival, officers learned that motorcyclist Dylan Carvalho was
traveling at a high rate of speed, involved in a race with the driver of a
silver Ford Mustang.
At that moment, the driver of another vehicle was attempting to turn south
onto Nova from Woodcliff. Carvalho tried to stop his motorcycle upon
seeing the motorist, but could not and went down. At that point, Carvalho
and the motorcycle slid northbound on Nova. Carvalho and the bike struck
the motorist who had been turning south onto Nova from Woodcliff.
The impact of that crash then threw Carvalho into the southbound lanes of
Nova where he was struck by the driver of a Ford Escape who was heading
south on Nova.
Carvalho was killed and was pronounced dead on scene by Daytona Fire.
The driver of the Mustang meanwhile, fled the scene and has not been
found. The driver of the Ford Escape remained on scene.
The crash remains under investigation and updates will be provided as
they become available.

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HOA on site managers – 12 19 17

I, Hank Springer, am in  favor of our HOA to hire a professional management team. It had been written  in our community  Town Crier publication that a professional management company may not allow our HOA board to do what it wants to do.   That is an interesting observation which I would like to know more about.  I provide an excerpt for your consideration from https://www.grandmanors.com/blog/hoa-management-tips-for-hiring-an-onsite-manager-general-manager

Not all onsite managers will have the same styles. Evaluate the last on-site manager, their duties, and consider changes and updates to the job description. Make sure the roles of the manager and the board are defined. Typical responsibilities of an on-site community manager are:

  • Employee management
  • Maintenance checks
  • Owner issues
  • Rules enforcement
  • Overseeing collections

The HOA board, on the other hand, makes decisions about policy. The on-site manager manages the community and helps the board. However, the board is the decision maker and policy setter….

warrant arrest for Homicide – Port Orange 12 14 17

#Port Orange Police press release 12 14 17

Today at approximately 6:45 a.m., the Port Orange Police Department assisted the United States Marshalls Service Florida/Caribbean Fugitive Task Force in arresting Michael A. Crimi (age – 19 yrs.). Crimi was wanted out of Colombia County, Pennsylvania for homicide….

(arrest location = 1130 Button Bush Ct.,  Port Orange, Fl.)


Did you ever lie or pick your toes in Poughkeepsie? 12 12 12

….Well, I don’t know if people deliver truth. I mean, there’s a problem people have with that word. Truth isn’t handed to people. People don’t speak the truth. People lie. Endemically. When God created Man, he created a perfect lying machine. We create lies, we’re surrounded by lies, we propagate and perpetuate lies. Lies are everywhere. What may make us different is, having created all these lies, we have this desire to penetrate to the world around us and uncover truth. How amazing. But it doesn’t happen automatically. It doesn’t happen without enormous difficulty. It could be successful, or it could be unsuccessful, but there’s something out there to uncover….

…This is another mistake: People love this staple of detective fiction—blame the countless writers, from [Edgar Allan] Poe on, who’ve written detective stories—they love that one detail that tells you it’s the goddamn orangutan in Murders in the Rue Morgue. But in my experience, it’s never one detail; it’s a whole myriad. Or, to bring us back to Wormwood, it’s a collage of material. It’s a whole lot of bits and pieces of evidence, which coalesce into something close to a picture of what really happened. We live in a sea of falsehood, and the amazing thing about us as a species, if we’re worth anything at all (and we might not be worth anything at all, and we may end up destroying ourselves), is that we have this idea of truth, and we pursue it. Sometimes, we actually even find it….

….Well, when people order records destroyed, they often overlook something. Something’s hidden in a closet, or in a file….

…. Lying is not something that was created in the 1940s, to be sure, but why did it become such an essential part of government to actually lie to its citizens? To create a world of disinformation? Why was it essential, for example, to hide all of the documents connected with the Kennedy assassination? (And after so many years, some are still being hidden, many of them.)….

read more at https://psmag.com/social-justice/errol-morris-talks-cia-lsd