We leveled the playing field on traffic speeders – hank

comment by HANK:  regarding “saturation” police work.

In the 70’s (no not 18 seventies) I was the chief executive officer of the LI state parkway police, (160 miles of parkways in nassau and suffolk county, NY.)

We received a big federal grant to institute saturation traffic enforcement in the two counties. The enforcement squad had 12 men , 6 in each county, and the Lt. in charge determined location, enforcement technique , and time of day or night. and was fond of saturation radar work with one sgt and 5 patrolman. This is the way it worked.

A single unmarked radar car parked on the grass shoulder, and when a speeder went by the radar, 5 patrolman were waiting to wave you over and get on a line to receive a traffic summons. It was like a wall of a traffic enforcement mine field, in which no speeder got by. Every 5 patrolman had unmarked police cars supplied by the federal government to go after a speeder who did not stop as directed.

All speeders got caught, joined the line to get the traffic summons issued. Some of those unfortunate speeders would be late for work.

In addition, with two rows of vehicles parked in a line on the grass shoulder waiting to receive their traffic summonses, all traffic was slowed as on lookers watched .  We had a sign indicating radar speeding stop point, but still those motorists who receiving a sigh of relief that they had not been stopped wanted to watch the spectacle.

I started receiving phone calls in my office from the public’s outcry about this new traffic enforcement technique. But the endeavor was effective. As determined by DOT speed traffic counters, the average speed monitored for the traffic public went down to about 5 mph over the speed limit.  And my reports showed that the number of traffic accidents were declining.

The Lt. told me that he was monitoring average speed in particular sections of the parkway and his radar squads did not change location until the average speed was monitored closer to the speed limit. On the second  day of enforcement in the same location on the Meadowbrook Parkway, a repeat offender from the day before got stopped. He got out of his car, started kicking his car, tried to break the car windows with his fists, and was opening up his trunk (to get a lug wrench?) when the police officers’ stopped him from further damaging his car.

I don’t think the TV advertisements show a car racing at a high speed, or am I wrong?  I see beautiful girls driving around on deserted streets that look like city streets at 3am (what is that all about?) and then I see cars splashing through mud, or parked on an unacessasble tip of a mountain.  But cars racing to work in order to pay off those expensive vehicle, I do not see in TV advertisements.  Everything will slow down and be better when self driving cars take over the road.

Sooner or later, if you were a speeder on the major LI state parkways you would be caught. The cat and mouse game no longer became a level playing field.

— the following referenced article got me remembering our saturation police work on the LI parkways:

….In addition to the checkpoints, Port Orange police plan to conduct “monthly saturation patrols in the city” that will focus on detecting drunken and impaired drivers, Doyle said last week….

read more at http://www.news-journalonline.com/news/20180418/port-orange-dui-checkpoint-postponed


some radio log entries 4 19 18 afternoon – herbert st

from the Volusia county police radio scanner – LE 5 – my tape recorder . afternoon of 4 19 18 thursday

220 pm 1xx magnolia loop – animal complaint – port orange


329pm 1xx herbert – sick racoon – port orange

331pm  – 56x beville – report of a battery that happened last night – south daytona

355pm 918 reed canal rd – port orange police out with investigation – southdaytona

405pm – herbert and nova – male exposing himself – port orange –
410pm – old hammock and herbert – port orange unit out with a subject

6xx herbert – animal complaint – 4??pm – port orange

1xx kon tiki – domestic disturbance – mother and boyfriend – several prior incidents at this address -442pm- port orange

tape ends at 455pm 4 19 18 thursday


53xx christency – threat to shoot someone 4 17 18 939pm

from my tape recorder – port orange police radio scanner 4 17 18 tuesday

53xx christency – port orange  – 939pm – something about someone threatening to shoot some one – suspect says he has 18 rounds with him and does not care if he kill women and children – suspect is a tall white male – 940 pm – (i guess the rp called back saying he does not need a police officer and he is going to get “another gun” – turtin st. Mr. B found highly intoxicated – unconscious – going into seizures – need rescue as soon as possible – 1004 pm – 1019 pm mr b under arrest and being transported to the hospital via evac –

413pm to 520pm 4 17 18 tuesday- police radio log

Entries are from police radio as heard by hank springer 4 17 18 tuesday

413pm – in publx parking lot, daytona beach shores – police with female in a vehicle – female had been on phone with ponce inlet police department and ponce inlet learned that yesterday she had said that she wanted to (die or commit suicide?). after shores police spoke with female, she consented to be transported to hospital for a mental evaluation.

59xx broken bow – 16 yr old male – verbal disturbance with dad in back yard – 16 yr old now reported to be suicidal- 16 yr old has been baker acted in the past — port orange – 420pm

north green acres – a fight – suspect left in a vehicle s/b on nova rd – suspect may be in possession of a gun – 441 pm – south daytona – 504 pm bolo put out on suspect’s vehicle – charges are pending

539 pm =-w/b on big tree from nova – stolen vehicle – high rate of speed – police unit not pursuing – n/b forest ave and pine st – lost site of vehicle – replaced tag on vehicle –


Those damn chicken eating atheists – fry them up!

might this be fake news to spread the word of support and adoration of Chick Filet? — hank wonders.  —

excerpt follows:  ….. But the mere whiff of Jesus means that New York must cast out Chick-fil-A like a leper, and that those who refuse to do so have succumbed to the blasphemous entreaties of the Midianites….

more at https://www.dailywire.com/news/29418/new-yorker-columnist-chick-fil-evil-and-must-be-ben-shapiro

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be exceptional & different – become a Jehovah Witness

….you broke a rule and the elders believed that you could no longer be apart of the religion, you would become “unbaptized” where you were not allowed back. None of the friends that you made could contact or see you, and here is where it gets cult-y, your family who were still apart of the religion, could no longer talk or see you either. IF THATS NOT CRAZY, I DON’T KNOW WHAT IS. Those ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses would be excommunicated from their loved ones. “We tear families apart if you believe anything other than what we teach!” — What I think their motto should be….

….higher education was looked down upon in the religion, going through the process of college applications felt pointless. My mom and everyone in the congregation encouraged me not to go, but I wanted to, so badly. Going to college for JWs was frowned upon not only because it was full of worldy people, but also because of their belief that there was no point in getting a higher education when the world was going to end soon anyways!…

324pm 4 13 18 friday

read more at https://medium.com/@sabrinabatingan/growing-up-as-a-jehovahs-witness-basically-a-cult-f238250dd537 

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The Guardian and NY Times – exposed facebook problem

A big thanks to Cynthia Stephens who directed me to the article which tells me who exposed the Facebook problem about privacy data being distributed. — hank springer

see https://www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/04/10/facebook-cambridge-analytica-a-timeline-of-the-data-hijacking-scandal.html

some excerpts:

…..In late 2015, The Guardian reported that Cambridge Analytica was helping Ted Cruz‘s presidential campaign. The report suggested the Republican candidate was using psychological data based on research spanning tens of millions of Facebook users in an attempt to gain an advantage over his political rivals — including Donald Trump….

….In an explosive expose published in mid-March, (2018The Guardian and The New York Times initially reported that 50 million Facebook profiles were harvested for Cambridge Analytica in a major data scandal. This number was later revised to as many as 87 million Facebook profiles…..

link to article and excerpts posted at http://www.portorangebolo.com at 435am 4 11 18 wednesday